How does a commission work?

This is a question I get often.  The process for making a commission is super fun for me because I get a chance to get to know my clients, and their desires for their piece.  Some people have strict guidelines on what they want for the piece, some have a simple color scheme they want me to go by- all the rest free reign. Everyone is different! 

95% of clients will have source material to go by. This really helps me in the drawing process and composition of the piece. 


1. An email is received asking about creating a painting of a landscape for a anniversary present. 

2. We discuss possible mediums, sizes, pricing, and a timeline. 

She was interested in a landscape, so I sent her a few photos of possible styles & materials. 

                                             (Left- drawing, Right- oil painting) 

She decided that she liked the way oil paint looked so we decided to work similar to the photo on the right. 

3.  She sent some source materials that she found online and decided that she wanted to merge the left and the right photo, highlighting the chairs and the sunset. 


4. I sent her a sketch of a mockup of the painting. 

5. She approved and I went forth with the painting! I ordered the canvas for her, painted, and sent some emails in between with questions and check ins. And.... (drumroll......) here is the finished product!

I hope this helped you get a better idea of my process!