Vibrant harmony; broken and dislocated pieces that are fixed together to form something greater than oneself. In my work my final product is something I like to call beautiful opposition. Barren pastureland and geometric abstraction. The hard lines of maps and the cool contours of watercolor. The edge of the stop sign and the soft remainder of the mountains. In my work I  highlight things that might otherwise be forgotten- and bring them together to be a sweet complement.

All photos are by the amazing  Jordyn Schrippa!

All photos are by the amazing Jordyn Schrippa!

My name is Laddie.

Sara Ladd is my real name, but everyone calls me Laddie. I am an artist from Greenville, SC. I graduated from Clemson University in May of 2016, with my Bachelor of Fine Arts (concentration in painting). 

You can usually find me on a really long walk, binge watching Gilmore Girls, or debating whether to eat that frosted donut or fuji apple. There will probably be paint on my face and hands, likely to ask what color combination works best. Being the oldest of four children, my family is a big part of my story. When I think of who I am- they are painted first. 

In Greenville and want to come see my artwork in person? Shoot me an email and come visit me at Railside Studios!


Thank you for listening to my story- I would love to hear yours too!